CJCU's Prayer For Indonesia



On Sept. 28, 2018, the deadly earthquake struck Central Sulawesi island,
Indonesia generating a devastating tsunami. More than 800 people have been killed,
at least 500 people are seriously injured and estimated 2.4 million locals are
affected, according to the national disaster mitigation agency, Indonesia.

Be friends with more than 20 Indonesian universities, we, Chang Jung Christian
University would like to send our warmest regards to these partners.
We pray to our merciful God for God’s mercy and kindness coming down upon
the Indonesian people as a whole.  Our hearts are wrenching, overwhelmed by the
broken-hearted news, but we still have hope in God who grants you strength, as well
as protection, and in the people of Indonesia who are able to stand through this very
challenging time with God’s strength. In the name of the God who also suffered, we
pray for the Indonesian people who have been devastated by the earthquake and
tsunami. We plead for God’s gracious presence being among the victims and their
families, rescue teams, the Indonesian government, and the people of Indonesia at
this difficult time. May all the humanitarian aid can be delivered to the needy in
time, the lost be found, the wounded be healed, and the grieving ones be consoled
by God. May God’s mercy and love be with you as always, help you rebuild your
homes on the foundation of faith, hope, and love, which is stronger than the power
of the calamity. Amen!  


Office of International Affairs, CJCU