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AI Artificial Intelligence, Smart Life, Big Data, Robots, and Things Connected! Students, your future is here!
The Bachelor of Applied Science in Smart Life, in response to the needs of the industry in the digital and intelligent life era in the future, nurtures professional and multi-disciplined talents. This program is designed to combine the features of a college’s non-professional and professional colleges, enabling students to develop adaptively. , Choose your area of ​​expertise, invest in professional knowledge and learning, and build your competitiveness in the era of smart life in the future.

No matter whether the freshman or not can allow students to delay the diversion, through the construction of basic ability, students can explore and learn in multiple fields to find their own direction of development. The College of Information and Design Professionals-Golden Lineup teachers group will adapt according to the student learning process. Counselling allows students to gradually establish self-professional knowledge and integrate innovative learning and use skills in practice-based learning.

integrates departments and equipment such as the Department of Smart Life Applications, UAV Application Department, and Interactive Design Department. It is a rare cross-domain learning model in China. Freshman focuses on the development of basic courses, sophomore, junior and fourth-year students. Professional excellence, breaking the status of Yucai.

Integrate thinking and innovation
Smart technology and smart life have become the most visible development industry. The major countries and technology companies in the world have combined technology and communications to create more convenient and easy-to-use emerging services and become a new dynamic for economic development, taking advantage of future trends. The 10 modules of the course planning course are:

Software design
game design
Business Big Data
Multimedia system
Multimedia and APP
Interactive art design
Drones and robots
Digital Design and Manufacturing
Innovation and experience design
Internet of Things Integration Application

And integrate three core capabilities

"Artificial Intelligence" module: Develop students' ability to develop artificial intelligence (AI) programs
"Internet of Things" Module: Cultivating Students with Internet of Things (IoT) Applications and BigData Analysis Capabilities
“Innovation Application” Module: Cultivate Students' Ability to Apply and Integrate Innovative Intelligence Technology

The planning direction of the program is in line with the future development trend of the society and the needs of the workplace. After graduation, the students can enter the workplace as programmers, IoT engineers, artificial intelligence engineers, UI/UX designers, and data analysts.

Smart life, humanistic thinking

Smart technology, happy future
The appearance of smart technology and smart life mainly includes the six major fields of “food and medicine live and leisure”

"Eat" is peace of mind ingredients, healthy diet, convenient purchase, etc.
"Medical" is telemedicine, home care, etc.
"Live" for safety monitoring, convenience control, energy saving, automation, technology stewardship, energy saving and sustainable building materials, etc.
"Lines" are energy-saving, intelligent transportation, smart vehicles, driving guides, etc.
"Education" is action learning, interactive learning, distance tutoring, experimental teaching, intelligence services, etc.
"Le" is a tour guide, virtual reality, mobile entertainment, sensory sports equipment, on-demand entertainment, etc.
The smart industry urgently needs talents. The goal of the smart life process is to nurture professionals with intelligent life design and application. Evergreen University Smart Life Program = Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, AI, Expert System, Smart Life
Artificial intelligence, application of things
At present, there are few faculties in this area. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things, in order to meet the trend of science and technology and the development trend of talented people in the industry, the goal of the Smart Life Learning Program is to cultivate a smart life. The talents of design and application, we will plan the related courses based on the core technologies needed for smart living: Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data analysis to train the students' required technology. On the basis of this technology, we also add design. With the elements of application, we hope to design innovative services through technology and creativity, and create applications for technology in smart technology and smart life.