Life Guideline for the COVID-19 epidemic prevention during the holiday

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Self-Health Management Reply

If you have the following conditions, please reply to us through the link below, thank you. (Conditions: home isolation, home quarantine, fever, diarrhea, lose your sense of smell and taste, had traveled in the past 14 days, Had traveled to 11 warned locations during the spring break)

Tainan Government COVID-19 Prevention Announcement (2020.08.04)

In order to prevent the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, Tainan Government announces that all the people need to wear a face mask or keep the 1.5m social distancing indoor from August 4.


The COVID-19 Prevention Notice in Summer Vacation(109.07.23)

The COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading all over the world. In order to avoid the infection, please follow the precautions below:

(A.)Before going abroad, please go to CDC website to check the international epidemic, vaccine and disease prevention notice, or go to “Pre-travel health clinic ” for a consultation.
(B.)If you have any influenza-like illness like fever, diarrhea, measles and respiratory symptoms…etc., please inform the staffs while entering at the airport. And if you feel sick within 21 days after your entering, please go to the hospital as soon as possible and tell the doctors your TOCC.
(C.)Please follow the prevention measure:
1.Wash your hands thoroughly with soap
2.Wear surgical masks when coughing or sneezing
3.Put on mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites
4.Avoid wild animals
(D.)Please keep the 1.5m social distancing indoor and 1m outdoor. If you could not make it, please wear surgical masks. The university could use partition to separate the seats or using criss-cross seating pattern to keep appropriate social distancing.
(E.)If you find there’s influenza-like case in the campus, please notify the local health authority or call the prevention line1922 to avoid the epidemic on campus.

Notice for the Teachers

Please make a roll call certainly and double check if the students are already took their temperatures.

        Please be reminded to take your temperature before you leave for the classes, and do not come to school if you have a temperature (ear temperature38˚C / forehead temperature 37.5˚C). For those who live at home, you should ask your family’s assistance to get the medical treatment, and notify the Health Service Section (Tel: 06-2785995) and your mentoring teacher for leave instruction. For those who live in off-campus apartments, you should immediately contact CJCU Security Center (Tel: 06-2785119) and your mentoring teacher. As for those who live in the dormitories, please notify the Health Service Section (Tel: 06-2785995) and your mentoring teacher. We will assist you to get the medical treatments.

        During the epidemic period, personal hygiene is the first priority. We have prepared liquid soaps for you to use after going to the toilet. Please wash your hands frequently and thoroughly to observe good personal hygiene.

        During classes, be sure to keep the windows and the doors open to maintain good indoor ventilation.

Moreover, CJCU has rearranged the dining areas in the campus. New areas are located at the courtyard between 3rd Dormitory and 4th Dormitory and around the courtyard at 1F of 2nd Academic Building. We suggest you to diet at the ventilating places, and please mind your table manners and avoid talking with each other while eating.

        We appreciate your understanding for the inconveniences we cause during the Covid-19 epidemic period. Let’s work together to protect us all and fight the virus.

        CJCU thanks you again.


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading. To reduce the risk of infection, CJCU has taken relevant countermeasures. In order to protect you, your friends, and relatives, please answer the following questions.

✍️ Overseas Students

Questionnaire of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection for Overseas Students

💡Press Releases From Taiwan CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
💡What you need to know about  COVID-19

  1. Transmission
  2. Symtoms and Complications
  3. Prevention and Treatment
  4. What the Public Should Do
  5. What to Do if You are Sick
  6. FAQs

Reference: CDC, USA