Educational goals

1. To train students to become professional Japanese translators: Actively developing professional language skills such as teaching Japanese in schools, translation skills and academic research.

2. To educate regarding Japan’s economy, trade and tourism: Taiwan and Japan have a solid connection in various fields such as society, politics, culture, and tourism. Therefore, trained practical personnel in Japanese are frequently required to respond to the needs of Japan’s economy, trade, political, cultural, and tourism exchanges. Taiwan-Japan exchange is already making quite  the contribution.

The increase of social, economic, cultural and trade between Taiwan and Japan has led Chang Jung Christian University’s Department of Applied Japanese  to fulfil a niche left empty by traditional language courses offered by other tertiary education institutions. Rather than  focusing solely on the literature and the linguistics aspect, as these and other single areas of research are no longer in line with today’s market demand, this department aims to educate the students with applied courses, which will equip them for future career paths in politics, economics, finance, social sciences and other fields for which there is market demand.

In response to the global trend of internationalization, we will cultivate young students' foreign language and practical application skills to facilitate future career advancement and make their own contribution to Taiwan-Japan exchanges.