The School of Liberal Arts Education was established on Feb. 1st, 2010. Three centers, the General Education Center, the Language Education Center,  the Joint Education Center,  and  the Chinese Language and Culture Center were included in the School.

  1. The General Education Center aims to implement the core values (Devotion, Love, Care, Action) of CJCU in the curriculum and daily life.
  2. The Language Education Center is to assist students to acquire communicative proficiency in Chinese and foreign languages for the global mobility.
  3. The Common Education Center is in charge of the courses of physical education and related national defense education and military training. This center is to help students cultivate exercise habits and sport appreciation ability. Also, courses of related knowledge in national defense and military training are planned. 
  4. Chinese Language and Culture Center: The center aims to provide a friendly environment for those who are interested in Chinese language and Taiwanese culture to experience the fascinating customs and attractive life in Taiwan.