Faculty & Staff
Huang, Yaw-Tone
Chen, Hui-Shan
  • Hang,Wei-Cheng
  • 1111
  • yellow@mail.cjcu.edu.tw
  • Duties / Speciality :

    1.Document and certificate application.
    2.Student ID card replacement.
    3.Management of study-suspended students, expelled students, transfer students, and study-resumed students.
    4.Responsible for Department/Institute of Land Management and Development, Aviation and Maritime Transportation Management, Medical Research, Occupational Safety and Health, Health Care Administration, Taiwan Studies, Social Work, Fine Arts, Applied Japanese Language, Translation and Interpretation Studies, Athletic Sports, Theology, Executive Master of Business Administration(EMBA), Ph.D. and Master in Business and Operations Management.
    5.Responsible for Program of bachelor’s degree, Fire Safety Science, Environment and Food Safety Laboratory Science, Smart Life Application.

Chen, Nai-Chia
  • Chen, Nai-Chia
  • 1112
  • naichia@mail.cjcu.edu.tw
  • Duties / Speciality :

    Responsible for Academic Records, Registration Affairs, Courses and Grades: Department of Accounting and Information Systems, International Business, Innovation Application and Management, Health Care Administration, Health Psychology, Nursing, Mass Communication, Translation and Interpretation Studies, Applied Philosophy, Information Management, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Interaction Design, Program of bachelor’s degree, Technology Management, International MICE Management, Medical Sociology and Health Care, Digital Contents Design, Innovative Interaction Design, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Chang, Chia Ling
  • Chang, Chia Ling
  • 1113
  • maggy@mail.cjcu.edu.tw
  • Duties / Speciality :

    Responsible for Department Transfer, Course Report, Academic Records, Registration Affairs, Courses and Grades: Department of Social Work, Applied Japanese Language, Fine Arts, Calligraphy and Painting Arts, Theology, Medical Science Industry, Program of bachelor’s degree, Taiwanese Cultural and Creative, Southeast Asian Cultures and Industries, in Management for Indigenous Peoples, Continuing Education Bachelors Program.

Wu, Chin-Yi
  • Wu, Chin-Yi
  • 1114
  • zukahana@mail.cjcu.edu.tw
  • Duties / Speciality :

    Responsible for Course-interchange affairs with other schools, Academic Records, Registration Affairs, Courses and Grades: Business Administration, Aviation and Maritime Transportation Management, Land Management and Development, Finance, Athletic Sports, Tourism, Food & Beverage Management, Occupational Safety and Health, Bioscience Technology, Nutrition and Health Sciences, Computer Aided Media Design, Engineering & Management of Advanced Technology, Program of bachelor’s degree, Real Estate Finance, International Finance and Business Management, International Program for Sustainable Development.

Wang, Shu-Ying
  • Wang, Shu-Ying
  • 1115
  • shuying@mail.cjcu.edu.tw
  • Duties / Speciality :

    1.Common use classrooms management.
    2.Maintaining equipment for common use classrooms.
    3.Co-operation with summer courses.

Tsai, An-Shu
  • Tsai, An-Shu
  • 1116
  • talking@mail.cjcu.edu.tw
  • Duties / Speciality :

    1. Arranging courses, maintaining the Course Registration
    2. Overall Management of Curriculum Affairs
    3. Maintenance of Curriculum List

Wu, Shu-Fen
  • Wu, Shu-Fen
  • 1117
  • shufen@mail.cjcu.edu.tw
  • Duties / Speciality :

    1. Teachers’ teaching hours payment, overtime payment management
    2. Academic calendar editing and reporting to MOE
    3. Certificate of Teaching
    4. Statistic Curricula Services