[November 1st, 2020]

Dear CJCU faculty, staff, and students

First of all, I would like to express my deepest apologies for the unfortunate incident in which one of our students had been strangled to death on Oct 29, and the social turbulence caused by it. In response to this incident, in addition to cooperating actively with the police investigation, CJCU has
also carried out some follow-up work. I sincerely hope that, through this letter, I will be able to explain to you all the improvement measures that the school would take now or in the near future:

1. The university would try best to assist family members of the student victim in all related matters after they come to Taiwan, including the follow-up legal and litigation matters.

2. The university has reached the resolution with the Datan Police Station, the head of Datan Village, and the head of Wudong Village that the surveillance cameras, lighting equipment and regular maintenance will be added on the road section frequently used by faculty and students.
With regard to the night security patrol, the university, the police, and the community will work together to conduct regular community patrols from 6 pm to 2 am.

3. The university has coordinated with Datan Police Station, Gueinan Police Station, and Guiren Precinct to expand the patrol area and enhance the frequency of patrol visits. The night patrol team, formed by Datan and Wudong Village, will also start patrolling at the earlier time and expand the patrol route and the frequency. CJCU will also form a patrol team. In addition to the daily duty instructors, another four, two patrol instructors and two guards, will cooperate with the community and the police to conduct night patrols around the areas in and out of the university.

4. The university and the police will cooperate more closely. The police will inform us about suspicious people and matters in the surrounding anytime, so we are able to effectively circulate the reminders and the warnings at the campus. At the same time, we are going to review the campus security notification mechanism and strengthen the communication with the police to prevent crimes.

5. We have initiated the assistance of psychological support and counseling service to faculty and students in need. CJCU Counseling Center and Office of the Chaplain have been caring for all members of the university, and set up a special email box (iare@mail.cjcu.edu.tw) for faculty and students to respond to the related issues. 

6. We will continue to work with Taiwan Railway Administration and relevant governmental agencies on how to improve the surrounding lighting equipment. It is also recommended to change the overgrown ground to concrete to avoid potential risks. In addition, an emergency call system will be added and a safety grading system will be set up for the living circles inside and outside the campus. The system will grade the areas into red, yellow, and green ones by the level of danger. We will release and disseminate the grading sky views for all faculty,students, and the community residents’ reference.

The above measures might be a remedy, however, better late than never. We will do our best to build a safer environment for faculty and students. Please contribute your wisdom and suggestions for any shortcomings of the plan. I am willing to listen attentively with my humble heart. The misfortune is an unbearable grief for all of us. Nevertheless, we do not have the right and time to be distressed. There are still many of our students who require us to devote ourselves to safeguard them from the fear and danger. Only by turning the grief and indignation into the strength,we would actively build a safer way for home through joint cooperation with the government and the community. We hope that the security protection system organized by inside and outside the university could allow the peace and safety of faculty, students and residents for learning and living at CJCU community.

May the merciful God grant love and comfort to protect all our teachers and students.

【Who comforteth us in all our affliction, that we may be able to comfort them that are in any affliction, through the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. (Corinthians 1:4)】


Yung-Lung Lee
President, CJCU