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EMBA Introduction

    Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) was established to conduct research, cultivate talented students, promote culture, serve society, and promote national sustainable development. To meet these needs, and foster international links, CJCU has maximized the use of its assets, by integrating teaching resources and teacher expertise to support more departments and graduate programs within each school with the aim of developing a brand of excellence and good reputation within the shortest period of time.

        The founding objectives of the EMBA at CJCU are to respond to the needs of the market by recruiting business elites who are interested in the study of business management and have graduated from business related departments and schools. By cultivating professional integration and analysis abilities with an international perspective, the EMBA at CJCU provides for the learning and development of different areas of business management expertise to meet the demands of students and enterprises.

        The Executive Master of Business Administration at CJCU was established under the School of Management on August 1, 2000. In 2006, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the program was renamed as the “Executive Master of Business Administration” (EMBA). Although the program is now supervised by the School of Management, an agreement has been reached on the future development of the EMBA based on a profit center concept, under which student recruitment and management efficiency will determine the future of the EMBA. In order to boost the EMBA brand image and value, acquisition of key teaching staff and other assets is a high priority. Student recruitment data indicates that more prospective students are interested in the EMBA at CJCU, than are admitted. Only students with excellent performance will graduate from the EMBA and they are prominent figures. The achievements to date suggest that the EMBA course at CJCU will be known as one of the best in Taiwan and will stand out from the fierce competition. It is the ideal base to cultivate managers with both theoretical understanding and practical operational capabilities.