《Integrating into CJCU》Housing information(1)
7/13/2022 12:09:00 PM

Housing Information

1. All incoming undergraduate students have to register or relinquish dorm rooms online (for incoming full-time undergraduate students).

(1) For incoming undergraduate students admitted through selected channels or independent admission processes who have already registered for their bed space, please do not duplicate applications for the dormitory.

(2) Important housing timetable for new students.





Log in online to register or relinquish dorm rooms.

(Incoming students who do not want dorm rooms must first go online to relinquish their spaces in order for the housing fee to be deleted from registration slips.)



Security Deposit Payments

(NT$3,000 security deposit must be paid to apply for housing)


1. After relinquishing housing, go online to print out the latest registration payment slip.

2. A lottery will be conducted for spaces if applications exceed quota.


Student Portal Room Number Inquiry

Student Portal → Incoming Freshman Area → Print Housing Application Form → Verify

8/27(六)08:00~17:00~ 8/28(日)08:00~15:00

Incoming student move-in day

(Report time is scheduled according to departments)

⊙Housing Security Deposit Payment Procedures:

(1) Transfer payment from ATM using a bank card (transfer need not be made in person).

(2) After inserting the bank card into the ATM, select the “Transfer” function. (Please verify whether the bankcard has a transfer function).

(3) Enter the China Trust Commercial Bank code 822

(4) Enter the 16-digit "Bank Payment Account Number": 8115480 + the last 9 digits of the incoming student’s ID card number.

(5) Enter NT$3,000

(6) Complete the payment (please print out the transaction receipt to verify whether the balance is a number; if it shows asterisks (*), it may indicate that the transaction has failed). Please keep the original transaction receipt for verification.