《Life care》Counseling
3/8/2022 11:19:00 AM

About CJCU Counseling Center


CJCU Counseling Center cares about your mental health and personality development. We provide counseling for issues such as life adaptation, personal growth, interpersonal relationships, stress management, emotional distress, and career exploration and planning to help you with developing your potential, self-awareness and self-realization, and becoming a person of sound body, mind and spirit.


☆Service features and content

Counseling and Guidance:

We provide individual counseling, group counseling, consultation, and mental health promotion activities, including workshops, psychological testing, speeches, and class guidance to enhance student psychological adaptation to campus life. There are a lot of themes, self exploration, interpersonal relationships, gender relationship issues, family issues, personality and emotional issues, career planning, life adjustment, academic problems, physical and mental health, and psychiatric disorders or mental illness included. Let us enable you to safely manage life crises and become a person of inner strength.


Resource classroom:

The Resource Classroom provides CJCU students who have special education status. We provide a full range of services for academic work, life adaptation, psychological counseling, transition counseling and other issues. In addition, based on individual needs, we connect with campus and off-campus resources to establish individual support systems for enhancing student adaptation and development in all aspects of campus life.

  • Counseling Center Resource Classroom Facebook group: Please search "Chang Jung Christian University Resource Classroom"


☆Service hours and contact information:

Daytime hours: Monday to Friday; 8:00~12:00, 13:10~17:10.

Evening hours: From the 2nd week to the 17th week of the semester; to 20:30 from Monday to Thursday.

Location: 5th floor of the Second Academic Building

Tel: 06-2785123 Ext. 1272~1279 (Counseling and Guidance); 1280~1284 (Resource Classroom).

Fax: 06-2785750 (Resource Classroom); 06-2785759 (Counseling and Guidance).


(more imformation:CJCU Counseling Center website)