Student Safety Insurance
3/18/2022 2:05:00 PM

Application for Student Group Safety Insurance:

  • Under the Student Group Safety Insurance Policy, the students will be covered against disablement, hospitalization, surgery and in the event of death. The table of requirements, claim application form and completion instructions are to be downloaded personally following the casualty date.
  • Contact person: Assistant Coordinator of the Health Service Division, HONG,YU-HAO, contact number: 06-2785123 ext. 1260.
  • Registered students are covered from the 00:00 of the 1st of August (first semester) & the 1st of February (second semester). Graduating students who graduate before the 31st of July are still covered till the 00:00 of the 31st of July; Graduating students who graduate in the first semester are covered till the 31st of January.
  • Application due date: Must be applied within 2 years after the casualty date.
  • Required docuuments: Claim application form, health record, collection of personal data such as medical and health checks, personal data collection agreement (aged under 20 must be signed by a parent), medical certificate (original), mdical expenses receipt (original/duplicate)(the two must be certified by the hospital if using copies), bank/post office passbook cover (copy), X-ray discs required if there is a bone fracture.
  • If the casualty date is before 2017/07/31, the related claims are undertaken by Nan Shan Life Insurance Company, Ltd;  by Mercuries Life Insurance after 2017/08/01. Related document can be found at Service Resources > Downloads.