【Inbound Exchange】Overseas Student Medical Insurance
6/25/2021 2:52:00 PM

All the international students should arrange for at least 6 months of health insurance before their enrollment. Proof of health insurance is a prerequisite for enrollment.


If you are failing to provide the documents, you must be required to join the Overseas Student Medical Insurance. This insurance is provided by Cathay Life Insurance Company. The fee for one semester is NTD2,500~NTD4,000.


Claims information

Claims regulations are according to the contract of the insurance.

  1. Please go to hospitals or clinics that are parts of the National Health Insurance.
  2. Apply for a medical certificate and keep all the receipts.
  3. Collect all required documents for applying claims and receive the Claims Form from OIA or download on the website.
  4. Mail all required documents to Cathay Life Insurance Company.


Required documents

  1. Claims Form
  2. All Original Receipts
  3. Medical Certificate


Claims Method 

  1. Cash: After Cathay Life Insurance Company finished the procedure, they will mail cash to the address you applied with the Claims form.
  2. Remittance: It is required to mail youe copy of your passbook and ARCAfter the company finished the procedure, they will transfer money to the account.


Please download the Claims Applying form "Service/Download/Inbound Exchange Student" .