Course Selection Guidelines
6/9/2022 1:01:00 PM

Course Selection Guidelines

  • Students should adhere to the curriculum rules and other related regulations of online Course Registration.
  • According to the “CJCU Academic Regulations”, no enrollment in two schedule-conflicting courses is allowed. The enrollment in two schedule-conflicting courses will be cancelled after the deadline of the course selection. We will text you and announce on the homepage of Registration and Curriculum Section.
  • Senior students who take General Education and Language Curriculum Courses must complete 18 weeks required for graduation.
  • First year, second year graduate students shall enroll in a minimum of one course regardless of credits for each semester. The number of credits that graduate students should take per semester will be determined by the graduate institutes.
  • Deferred students, bachelor’s degree further study programs students, and EMBA students have to pay the fees based on the course hours. Applicants should pay full credit fees whether or not any course(s) is/are withdrawn. Please make your decisions carefully when enrolling courses.
  • For deferred students (Bachelor Day Division and graduate students) enrolled after the 2013-2014 Academic Year: students have to pay the fees based on the course hours. Additionally, students need to pay NT$4,500 per semester.
  • To change or reset your password change, please visit Student Portal.