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Executive Vice President of United Board
Sunny Day of Erren River
Honorary Chairman of Everlight Chemical Industrial Co.

About US

  • The duties of Vice-president include dealing with administrative affairs of college assign by boards of directors and president. Thus, he is also in charge of the fund-raising and integration of all sorts of resources. Participation in social responsibility, public affairs and the construction of beautification of campus. Since 2016, he worked as a Dean of Office of International Affairs and leader to execute the international operating strategies of CJCU.
  • The Department of Resource Development assists teaching organization, administration, research center to seek for effective resource. Through the raising of social resource and the integration of school development to get the recognition and support from all sectors of society. This can strengthen the competitiveness of CJCU in the industry of higher education.

  Our Location

  • 4th  Floor of Administration Building
  • Service phone: 886-6-278-5268
  • Fax: 886-6-278-5269