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International College of Practice and Education for the Environment

Building on the decades-long efforts of Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) in environmental protection and environmental education, the International College of Practice and Education for the Environment (ICPEE) was established in autumn 2016, and Dr. Jane Goodall agreed to serve as Honorary Dean.

In spring 2017, CJCU, in cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), established the International Program for Sustainable Development (IPSD) within the ICPEE. The JGI would recommend selected International students from developing countries to participate in the program. The strengths of IPSD are a focus on action learning, student-based practical modules, and the year-long Roots and Shoots internship. We hope to cultivate international personnel who are dedicated to sustainable development and social progress, in both a local and international context.


  • Our Goals
  1. The promotion of sustainable development and care for the local and global environment, following Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots spirit
  2. The cultivation of earth citizens with a global perspective on environmental and human rights issues.
  3. The incorporation of action learning into our programs of environmental education.


  • Core Competencies for Graduates from the Program
  1. Graduates acquire the knowledge and technical skills needed to promote environmental sustainability.
  2. Graduates develop a sense of responsibility and a strong commitment to environmental action.
  3. Graduates are capable of critical thinking, cooperative communication, and creative problem solving. CJCU received the National Environmental Education Award from the Environmental Protection Administration, ROC (Taiwan) in 2016.