《Integrating into CJCU》A Warm Welcome from the President
7/4/2022 9:00:00 PM


Greetings and Invitation from the University President


Take Your First Step on the Road to “Growth”


June 9, 2022


Dear Candidates for the College Entrance Examination:

   First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you on the upcoming completion of your high school matriculation, and on the passing of all your various tests. In facing important choices in your life, I would like to prudently recommend Chang Jung Christian University for your consideration. I look forward to seeing you here at Chang Jung Christian University over the next four years.

   Chang Jung Christian University is a comprehensive Christian university with 9 colleges and 34 departments and degree programs which belongs to the Colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Business and Management, Engineering, Health Sciences, Fine Arts, and Practice and Education for the Environment.

   Located within the new key development area in Tainan, Chang Jung Christian University is adjacent to the Tainan High Speed Rail Station and Green Energy Science Park (The TRA Chang Jung Christian University Station was built on the school campus, and it takes only four minutes to transfer from the high-speed rail station). In recent years, several Taiwan’s important research institutions have been successively established in Tainan, including the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Academia Sinica, and the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs); Activity spaces and venues have also been completed step by step, such as a large Japanese shopping mall and an International Conference Center (ICC) which have all been officially opened. National Cheng Kung University Hospital’s Shalun Branch is expected to be completed and opened in 2025 as well.


Source: Tainan City Government


   Chang Jung Christian University has been established for 29 years. Upholding the shepherding and caring spirit of Jesus Christ, our university does not leave any student behind. We continue to improve our teaching quality, actively expand internationalization, broaden the international horizons of our faculty and students, and fortify our students’ competitiveness. The CJCU have gradually achieved a global growth. Our College of Management won the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) international certificate in 2021, ranking in the top 6% of global business management schools, and in 2022, our school is one of the top 351-400 universities in the QS Asia University Rankings, as well as one of the top 1,000-1,200 universities in the QS World University Rankings. We have made great strides this year as well. For the first time, our university ranks as one of the top 601-800 universities in the 2022 UK-based THE (Times Higher Education) Impact Rankings published by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Moreover, we have been acknowledged once more for making an impressive leap of 200 positions, moving from the top 1,000-1,200 universities to the top 801-1,000 in the latest 2023 QS World University Rankings.


   To provide an excellent teaching and learning environment for our faculty and students, Chang Jung Christian University invests several tens of millions of New Taiwan dollars every year to continue to enrich and improve our learning environment, facilities, and teaching and research equipment. Additionally, we actively apply for International Safe School (ISS) certification, apply the latest technology assistance (such as the LINE Bot safety reporting system, a license plate recognition system, and a central monitoring system (CMS) for campus safety) to implement and execute all measures to maintain campus safety every day, and recruit full-time night security guards for both inside and outside the campus. We have spared no effort in building a safe and healthy school environment.

   In addition to improving our physical facilities and spaces, we have invested a great amount of resources to hold multiple and diverse extracurricular exchange activities, competitions, industry internships and career exploration to strengthen our students’ willingness to undertake extracurricular learning. Moreover, we actively promote international dual degree programs, foreign student exchange, overseas internships, summer study camps, short-term cultural exchanges, cross-national online interaction, and other cross-national and cross-cultural learning mechanisms with the hopes that we can actively help our students explore their career aspirations, anchoring their future step by step.

   The youth, vitality and infinite creativity of our students have brought Chang Jung Christian University a rich, youthful vigor. Thanks to the endeavors of our faculty and your senior schoolmates, we have made several outstanding achievements. In near future, with you studying at our university, we will create an unparalleled performance. Chang Jung Christian University is looking forward to having the pleasure of sharing the most spectacular chapter of your life with you.


Sincerely yours,


Yung-Lung Lee

President of Chang Jung Christian University