Work Permit Application
5/26/2021 3:08:00 PM

Work Permit Validity:

  • From apply day for six months
  • First Semester: apply date ~03/31
  • Second Semester:apply date ~09/30

Upload Document Required:

  1. Student card(front and back, verified stamp from Registrar Division)
  2. Passport
  3. ARC
  4. The receipt
  5. CJCU Overseas Students Work Permit Application Affidavit

Application Procedure:

1.Pay NTD 100 processing fee for applying work permit in the post office.(Get transfer order from Office of Admissions)

*Reminder: Please keep the receipt.

2.Apply Online through Workforce Development Agency

3.Complete the application form and upload all doctuments online.

Working Time Limit:

With the exception of the winter and summer vacations, foreign students' sum of working hours shall not exceed 20 hours per week.


  • Any person who work without permission shall be penalized with a fine of no less than NTD30000 and not exceeding NTD150000.
  • Foreigner's work permit (Pursuant to Article 51 of Employment Service Act):

     1.This work permit will be invalid when holder's residence being repealed,revoked,expired without extension,original qualification for residence disappeared or interrupted,and termination of empolyment.

     2.This work permit is invalid when holder's original qualification for residence being disappeared or interrupted.A new application shall be submitted to Ministry of Labor when restoring qualification for residence.

  • Work Permit for Foreign Students,Overseas Chinese Students and Students with Chinese origins:

      1.It is stipulated that students'working hours per week should not exceed more than 20 hours except for the winter and summer vacations.

      2. In the permitted duration,the work permit should b returned due to leave from school or drop out.   



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