Overseas Student Medical Insurance
6/17/2022 12:02:00 PM

Objects:Students from mainland China and international degree
students, overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong and Macau who are not qualified for National Health Insurance, NHI.


Claim Information:
1. Claims regulations are based on the contract of the insurance.
2. Please go to hospitals or clinics which join with National Health Insurance.
3. Apply a medical certificate and keep all receipts.
4. Hand in all required documents for applying claims to OA.

Document Needed:
1. Claims applying form
2. All original receipts
3. Medical certificate by the doctor (”診斷證明” in Chinese), which needs to have the stamp of the clinic or hospital)
4. Photocopy of bank or post office bank book
5. Photocopy of Passport/ARC

If a treatment requires several medical visits, you may use one application form to claim reimbursements, but please make sure that all the dates are showing on the medical certificate issued by the clinic/ hospital.

※ The money will be transferred to your account by the Insurance company.