2018/10/8 Campus Service
Last updated:2018/10/09

2018/10/8 10:10 AM held in the 6F International Conference Hall of the Administrative Building for the first semester of the 107th school year, Mr. Szu-Hai Yang, Chairman of the Board, President Yung-Lung Lee
, Vice-President Po-Ho Huang
, some supervisors and faculty colleagues and many students participated together, There was about 260 people participated.

The worship group consisting of the theological students was leading the worship. We had a sermon by the Roman Catholic Bishop Chi-Nan Lin. He shared message which the theme is "Face To Our Everyday With Joyful Heart". Bishop Lin encouraged everyone to face every kinds of situation with the joyful heart no matter what the situation is. During the public prayer period, the students represented by the departments came to the stage to pray and intercede for the blessings and pleas for each department.

There was a Christian international mission team, the "Book of Hope", it was introduced by Vice President Huang and the Office of Chaplains to invite them to come. They had a drama "Taxi" to present people's life path will face many temptations, only God's words can be our guide. Pei-Wen Chao sang a song, "the Lord's Prayer", in the beautiful voice to let the participants feel the honor and love of the Lord. In the end, Bishop Lin did the benidiction for everyone, it was a great campus service.